Prompt for February 3: Two Haiku about Stealth


[Prompt from .]

I creep through the trees

Without making any noise.

I must stay hidden.


My treasure lies there,

The child of my enemy.

Her life for my soul.


Prompt for January 10: Four Line Poem about Roommates


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There’s something strange about her,

How she sneaks to her room at dawn

And refuses to open her door ‘til dusk.

Maybe Craigslist wasn’t the best idea?

Prompt for May 19: The Commission


[Prompt from . Characters and idea are from a novel series I’ve been working on entitled Under the Rose.]

Walking thought the streets of Trianta seemed a completely different experience after my visit with the new Captain. My mind was racing with all the possibilities behind the food shortages. It couldn’t possibly be as simple as a rogue thief feeding his band of misfits at the people of Woodbloom’s expense.

But I was also told that I would be doing this assignment with the famous Iridian. I would finally get to know the identity of the one Seeker that every female criminal would not stop talking about. Even though I was excited to finally meet another Seeker, I was also apprehensive. Just thinking about how important this mission to Woodbloom was, important enough for the Captain to assign two of us to travel all the way to the northern border, was enough to make my hands quiver.

I started to mentally make a list of everything I would need for this trip when someone stopped right before me, causing me to walk straight into their back.

“My apologies,” I muttered as I tried to get past him.

“You? Apologizing to me?” Journey turned and gave me that one-sided grin of his, those long thieving arms crossed in front of his chest like a coat of arms. “Never in my mind would I expect to fine the great Verity being so humble as to treat me with common courtesy.”

“There’s no common courtesy allotted to a Prince of Thieves, Journey. Let me pass.”

He just stood there grinning, letting everyone else in the market space file on by. The large man that he was, I had no hope of moving him than I did a merchant’s cart.

I threw my hands into the air. “What on earth do you want? I don’t have time for your games.”

He cocked his head to his left. “I would imagine so, what with the Woodbloom food shortages and all that.”
My eyes must have widened or my jaw dropped before my training kicked in. That, or I had a tell that only someone of his caliber could detect. At any rate, his let lose a throaty chuckle. “Verity, Verity. If I truly am the Prince of Thieves as you’ve been saying, why wouldn’t I know of a heist of this size in Woodbloom. I might operate in the capital, but I by no means only have eyes, ears, or mouths within Trianda’s walls.”