Prompt for January 20: Two Haiku about Trauma


[Prompt from .  I had some prompts saved in an email from one of my class days that I’m now just getting around to posting. Sorry.]

With blood spewing out

And arms and legs falling off,

They rush through the doors.


The car crashed right there.

And, though she was not inside,

She is still haunted.


Past Pains Present


In a corner I tremble

In a hollow I hide

Afraid of the terror

That haunts me inside


The darkness surrounds

Without and within

Jesting at my pain

Rejoicing in my sin


Though I try to forget

Leave the memory to die

In agony I remember

The past doesn’t lie


These nightmares of mine

The truth they do keep

Banishing my peace

Forbidding me to sleep


Forgive me my trials

In earnest I do pray

Let darkness turn to light

Let night wane to day