Prompt for March 16: The Treasure


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Before me stood two chests, both easily capable of being a man’s final resting place. The one on my right was gilded in gold while the one at my left was clad in silver. I tentatively reached out a hand and lifted the golden lid.

In the low light of the cave, I could see everything in world, both known and unknown, that could glitter. There were gold coins from every era, stamped with every kind of face and symbol would could link to power. Gems ranging in value from the size of a fingernail to that of a fist were dispersed, looking like pieces of a shattered rainbow. I saw rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and opals. There were pieces of onyx, lapis lazuli, amethyst, pearl, and garnet. Anything you could barter with, spend, and horde was dimly glowing before my eyes.

Many greedy palms would consider that chest as the Horde of Nations. But I knew better. I knew that before gold reached its value, silver was in fact more treasured. Thus, I turned my galloping heart towards the second chest.

Whereas the other chest gleamed, this one simply sat there in its glory. There were pages upon pages of script, scattered to and fro in no conceivable order. There were curly scripts, jaunting scripts, strange symbols and patterns I could not decipher. I saw the jet black strokes of relatively recent ink on a handful of the pages I leafed through, though the vast majority had faded to a light grey or a muddy red.

The gold chest was the decoy, meant to entice the easily persuaded with a quick fame that would no doubt leave them dead in a ditch by the very people they always longed an acquaintance with. The silver chest was the true Horde of Nations.

Knowledge has always been, and always will be, the greatest wealth of all.