Prompt for June 2: Knives


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Gleaming silver blinking in the sunlight. Reflecting trees, grass, the lake in the corner. A red and white checked picnic blanket. Picnics. Yum. Reflecting a couple siting, eating off of paper circles with silver sticks. Eating mashed taters, leaves, coolcumbers. Man in shirt and pants. Lady in yellow dress. Pretty yellow, sun yellow. Spots of red. Blood red. Man touched lady. Lady smiles. Man want lady.

I want lady.

Gleaming silver dirty now. Screams louder than planes overhead. Gleaming silver not gleaming no more. Lots of blood everywhere. Blood.



Prompt for September 19: Someone or Something Out of Place


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How dare he? How dare the little bitch confront me at work? Now all my coworkers think I’m a home wrecker.

I slammed the front door behind me, throwing my keys onto the kitchen counter as I made my way to the fridge for a much needed glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Something, anything, to dull the rage. If only I could stomach vodka.

It all was just so incredulous. He chose me, not her. Doesn’t mean she should get her panties in a twist. Crazy little bitch.

I took my full glass and headed towards the bathroom. A bubble bath would surely calm me down. I passed the magnetic strip that holds my five knives.


I took a slow step backwards and counted again. Only five. The thick knife was missing.

That’s when I heard a giggle and the start of the shower.