Prompt for January 17: The Investment


[Prompt from . I’ve had a few prompts saved in an email from one of my class days that I’m just now getting around to posting. Sorry.]

My heart is made of bronze:

A hardy sort of build meant

To withstand much. Strength

To those whom have it.


My heart is made of silver:

A prized token of wealth

And protection. To have

It is to control the world.


My heart is made of gold:

A sparkling, beautiful thing

Envied by many. To have

It is to rise above all else.


My heart is made of iron:

A tool for creation and

Progression. Ingenuity
To those whom have it.


My heart is a special thing:

One that can create, protect,

Strengthen and enlighten.

It is worth your investment.


Prompt for March 30: Limitless


[Prompt from .]

“Like most things in life, the way I feel about you has limits. I can’t fully express myself for there are no words in any language, alive or dead, that can describe to you the force behind this swell of feel inside my heart whenever you are near me. I long to be able to tell you the extent of the pit within my chest, tunneling through my body and into some nether realm where our darkness is their sun. But these words of mine barely scrape the surface; they always fall short of what I’m trying to say. Then there’s the whole restriction of time. My life before you was a waste of breath: I was blind and deaf and mute. Nothing seemed real, my life before you. There were no colors, no warmth of chill. My anti-life was a void of neutrals and blandness. But since the moment I met you, my life has been brilliant and bold, unforgettable in every way. I want to continue living and feeling the way that I do when I’m with you. But that is an impossibility, one that cuts me deep. I know at one point I or you or both of us will die and I pray there’s a heaven so we can truly stay together forever.”

I was still finding it hard to catch my breath. The world beneath me, something I had always thought of as solid and unmoving, was suddenly insubstantial.
He brought my hands to his mouth, kissing the back of both. He looked into my eyes and the world beneath me was no longer in existence.

“All these things are limits but I ask of you to see past the confines of this world. I ask only that you see my feelings for you, the only true beauty our lives have to offer. For what I feel towards you, my love, is without description, without age, and without limit. My love for you is everlasting.”