Prompt for February 3: Two Haiku about Stealth


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I creep through the trees

Without making any noise.

I must stay hidden.


My treasure lies there,

The child of my enemy.

Her life for my soul.


Prompt for January 27: Two Haiku about Melting


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It was far too late

For the ice to have a chance.

Spring had just arrived.


With just one small look

Into his round, moss green eyes

Her knees became mush.

Prompt for January 20: Two Haiku about Trauma


[Prompt from .  I had some prompts saved in an email from one of my class days that I’m now just getting around to posting. Sorry.]

With blood spewing out

And arms and legs falling off,

They rush through the doors.


The car crashed right there.

And, though she was not inside,

She is still haunted.