Prompt for January 19: Skipped


[Prompt from . I have some prompts saved in an email from one of my class days that I’m just now getting around to posting. Sorry.]

It came as a great shock to her when she reviewed her document folder for the month that she somehow missed a date. It was a busy month, after all. The new job, the dog, the new relationship that had her flying on clouds; there was a lot to keep her from updating her followers on her crazily brilliant fan theories and random musings. But to miss a day? Never!

She could have simply saved it with another day’s work. It wouldn’t have been the first time Annie did something like that in either a moment of forgetfulness or of overthinking.

However, a quick glance at the surrounding days’ entries told her this was not the case.

Had she really broken her vow of updating her blog every day?

Annie was appalled with herself. Disgusted, even. Her poor fans were left without even so much as an explanation why they had to live over twenty four hours without her words and ideas.


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