Prompt for January 14: Disjointed


[Prompt from .]

She walked out of the room, right as I was taking my very first bite of the hard-boiled egg. Karen wore only a T-shirt and underwear, a very different apparel than my business attire.

“Hot again?” I asked, confused with her reaction to the cold January air.

“Yes.” A grumble, nothing more.

I took a sip of coffee. Pumpkin flavor. Positively delicious. It was a shame that the Aldi in town stopped selling the flavor after November. I was running low and wasn’t quite ready to go back to my normal hazelnut.

“My parents are bringing the dog Thor over this afternoon,” I ventured. “I was wondering if you could watch him for me tomorrow while I’m in training.”

Karen set her mug on the counter a little too forceful. “I can’t. Too much work.”

She poured her tea and left for her room, closing the door loudly behind her.

So much for helping me out, I couldn’t help but think. I wanted to tell her that she should’ve been doing all that work instead of watching hours of TV episodes on her computer the day before but it was already 7:10, I wanted to walk to work, and it was far too early to have her mad at me.


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