Prompt for January 7: The Craft Project


[Prompt from .]

There were sparkling bits of stardust, brightly colored snowflakes, and sticky, white swamp goo on every part of the table’s surface. So much that the dark cherry wood couldn’t be seen underneath it all. Indeed, the sheer size of the mess was enough to send her mother on yet another conniption fit for the history books.

But Kelci couldn’t care less; she had the best idea ever!

It came to her in a dream: a large, full color, topographical map of the dreamscape she’d spent sixteen years constructing. She knew exactly how high the Fambian Mountains were to the east, and how deep Lake Nautise was directly south of them. She knew how many trees were in the Retinala forest. She knew each town, each roadside tavern, even most of the people that inhabited this world.

So why not break out each and every art supply in the house (and from the corner store with her supposed lunch money) to create it on paper so others could see it?

Kelci just hoped she could finish the final touches and clean up the aftermath before her mom got back from work.


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