Prompt for January 2: Four Lines of Prose about a New Beginning


[Prompt from . Characters and story from a novel idea of mine entitled Alchemic Maiden. I sort of wish I had more than four lines for this part of the scene, but now I know where to go from here!]

Syn was horribly disheveled and his lip and brow were split, blood crusted in lines down his face, neck, and shirt front. I walked over to him, hoping beyond hope that we could also strive towards a new and honest future.

“I realize that after everything that has happened, our true selves got lost, and I sincerely hope we can begin again: I am Belia Ivette Aldric, Crown Princess of Clotaire.”

Through the blood, Syn smiled and replied, “And I am Cyprien Lewsyn Evrard, Duke of Loic.”


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