Prompt for December 20: Four Line Poem about the Phantom


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While he creeps behind me, never to

Part ways with my shadow, there is

No fear within my heart. For this

Phantom presence protects, not harms.


Prompt for December 19: Four Lines of Prose about Cobwebs


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It was a slow—agonizingly slow—journey through the house. Every corner and crevice was white lace, with the layers of dust overlaid by cobwebs. Ever the adventurer, Chester had no qualms about the disarray: he was far too busy tearing the cobwebs from their holdings and shaking them about as if they were his rope.

That’s a dog for you.

Prompt for December 17: The Snow Prince


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I never wanted it. Dreaded it, actually. But I always knew it was a possibility that the curse could sink its cold fingers into my soul.

The wind was howling all around me, a fierce display of wintry power. Yet, I could feel no cold on my bare arms and feet. I heard whisper in the wind: taunts thrown at the poor creatures stuck in the storm, intentions of cruelty and death, even foreshadowings of what was to come later in the season.

But the most unnerving aspect of all was the fact I was the center of the storm. I was the cause, the reason for its existence. Everything that was happening, every blast of wind or solidifying icicle or skydive of a snowflake was done for me. By me.

I had no control, no idea how to change the storm. I only knew that it was because of me that the storm was raging war by the brook in the woods.

I should have known when my brother laid upon the ground and watched as bursts of vivid color bloomed all around his body. I should have known when my sister walked through the orchard as thousands upon thousands of leaves curled within themselves and drifted to yellowing grass. I should have known when my brother could keep any plant alive with a simple touch of his hand.

I should have known all along that I was destined for the cold and death of winter. I was born as the embodiment of ice within a seemingly warm body.

I was the Snow Prince and would remain so until another came to take my place.

Hello Again


Alrighty then, I’m finally posting again. I am still alive, and doing well. In the months since my last post, I graduated nursing school, studied for and passed my boards, got a job on medical oncology unit (I don’t start until Junuary 11, though), and got myself a dog. He’s a red and white Siberian husky named Loki. He’s currently 18 weeks old and is almost fully potty trained (rings a bell by the door to go outside) and knows how to come, sit, stay, shake, lay down, and has almost got army crawl down.

Whew, it’s been a busy few months.

Anywho, I hope everyone is doing great!