Prompt for August 3: The Guard


[Prompt from .]

Kieran was both my savior and nemesis.

He had been trained specifically for his duty. One look at his six foot, four inch frame, with his shoulders nearly as wide as an ox’s, it was no wonder he was selected as soon as he joined the brigade. He probably would have done the mandatory five years and then resigned his position, going off into the world to follow whatever dreams held a twenty-two year old giant could hold.

I sometimes wonder what those dreams could have possibly been. Did he miss them? Did he long to finish them when he was too old to be of any use to me?

My eminent birth was what kept him in the brigade, raising him to a position most new initiates could only dream of obtaining.

His frame, his ability to learn, his devotion. These three attributes stole from him his dreams but gained him the honor and status of a life time.

Even though his training made him strong, I have seen him shed a tear or two for me. Even though he could kill any person, I’ve seen him smile every now and then. I know Kieran would gladly give his life to protect me.

But Kieran also stops me from doing anything fun.


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