Prompt for July 22: Two Haiku about the Laborer


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Day in and day out,
He gets up before the sun.
The bread must be won.

Muscles are bursting,
Straining under the pressure.
Needs a new union.


Prompt for July 18: Four Lines of Prose about the Repair


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“Clamp!” I shouted, scrambling for some way to stop the bleeping bleeding. My first attempt at open heart surgery, and everything was going tragically wrong! There was no way Kevin was going to ever let me live this one down.

“Dad,” Kevin said from the other side of the kitchen table, “It’s not real Operation.”

Prompt for July 17: Faint


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His voice was no more the roaring thunderstorm it had been right after his death. I used to hear him professing his love for me in the middle of the night. I could still hear every confession he had made to me, as if he was lying beside me, his fingers twirling their way into my hair.

But as of late, his voice has lost its strength. No more can I clearly hear him speak my name. The thundering
timbre is now only a whisper caressing my cheek like the faintest gust of wind. Where I used to fall asleep listening to his protestations, I now stay awake throughout the night, fighting my memory to give me even a glimpse of his deep chocolate voice.

Why must time be so cruel as to heal the wound slightly only to snatch away the very sutures that were holding you together?

Lack of Posting


Hello my lovelies,

I am so sorry for my lack of posting. Again, I know this comes in waves. I was recently on a vacation to Mexico and couldn’t find the time to post at all while I was there or during preparations.

Also, I’m heading into clinicals at my nursing school so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post in the next couple of weeks/months. I’ll try to do so whenever I can but I’m anticipating another void of writing in the future.

Again, I’m so sorry.