Prompt for June 15: The Cow


[Prompt from .]

Of course there would a physical barrier blocking my path. How else would the universe, Fate, and all that was good in the world tell me to just abandon my mission and accept my lot in life?
Harvey Lane became narrow just after the first hill of the countryside, blocked on either side by large trees that would prevent even my small Volkswagen from bypassing the large black cow standing directly in the center of the road. I was already half an hour late to the ceremony and only another three miles from the small 18th century church located on the cost. I could almost make out the top of the steeple over the trees.

“Can you chew your shit elsewhere?” I shouted outside my window. “Some of us have a wedding to crash.”

The cow merely turned its large head toward me, the large brown eyes seemed to stare straight through me as if I didn’t matter. Even the cow knew my degree of insignificance. It then returned to staring off into space somewhere on the other side of the road.

It didn’t even dignify my disturbance with a “moo.”


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