Ashes to Ashes


These moments when you feel
As though your touch was
Lava upon green grass, where any word
Uttered from your tongue, even if
Uttered in love and compassion
Is seen as mustard gas spreading
Towards the front lines, when you
Very presence is nothing more than
Radioactive wastes spreading cancer
Through the unsuspecting populace;
These moments are when, even as other things
Seem to finally be falling into place in
The puzzle that has consumed your mind
For the past ten years, you feel useless.
You have become nothing more
Than a tick on someone’s skin, a
Cockroach on someone’s floor, the
Spider crawling on their wall.

You needs enemies when those once
Called “friends” no longer wish to
Spend time with you, even in your
Darkest hour of this long, cold night.


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