Prompt for June 6: Four Lines of Prose about Something that was Thrown Away


[Prompt from .]

I couldn’t believe her, that selfish, stupid, bitch! After all the time we had spent talking about it, all the hours of sleep we didn’t get because of it, and it turns out that she was only in it as a distraction from her own life! Here I was, thinking I had found someone who was just as crazy as Harry Potter as me, crazy enough to take test upon test to find out what house we were in, learning spells, making our own potions from ingredients purchased at the shady herbalist store down the street, and it was all a lie!

My fists clenched as I saw the long, hand carved ash wood wand I bought her lying in the trash outside her apartment, all the while there were screams emanating from her open bedroom window as she binge watched all the idiotic Twilight movies.


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