Prompt for May 15: Ulterior Motives


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“You let me think I could change the world.” Tears were starting to roll down my face like rain in a violent storm. “You allowed me to send my brother to war. He died, Yahuete. It’s because of you that Baeryn is dead.”

Yahuete just angled his head down ward, as if looking into his cup of tea. He didn’t even dignifying my grief with those blind, sympathetic eyes. “You had to think Baeryn was the one meant to save your people. The actions you have took have lead you down the right path. Soon, everyone will know that I was the one that trained you in the ways of wisdom and war. I will again establish a good name for the Luegalle people. I will be sought out to train others and to give my wisdom to the world. I—“

“You? You! All of this was to raise your station in the world? What about my people? They are suffering under the Vahlborgian rule. I should have been the Crown Jewel and Baeryn the Crown.”

Yahuete just shook his head. It was still a strange sight to see his thick neck able to accommodate such a movement.

“You were always meant to be the Crown, Fayomi. You just needed an incentive to want to rule and Baeryn’s death was just that.”

I spit at the floor, right onto his holy straw mat. “And you needed a campaign to boost your own agenda. I’m glad by brother’s death meant something to you after all.”

I turned and left his tend, ignoring his pleas to stop and listen. I was done listening to his foolish wisdom and corrupted advice. If I truly was prophesized by the last Luegalle to save my people and reclaim the thrown as Crown, then I would have to do it myself.

All by myself.


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