Prompt for May 5: The Colony part 2


[Prompt from . This prompt as been part of a monthly installment of the same story line. Technically, this should be part 5 of The Colony but I wasn’t able to post the past three months so this is my part 2.]

And there it was, that headache I’ve been having ever since we landed. Everyone else on the mission has been perfectly fine—health-wise, at least. Just the usual bumps and bruises from landing, not to mention Robbie’s continuous head bumps and other absentminded injuries. For a TV star, the guy sure was like a bull in a china shop, as my grandmother would say.

Eliza and the rest have been too focused on everything that has been going on to notice my slowing of motor functioning lately. That and add the tampering of the supplies, I’m surprised anyone in the crew have acknowledged me at all.

All of my schooling and medical knowledge to get me out of the Bronx was all of a sudden failing me. Though the supplies had been tampered with, I still have been keeping up with supplying water to my body; dehydration wasn’t an issue. As far as I know, a person can’t be allergic to a planet and I highly doubted I had formed any new environmental allergies so quickly.

A brain tumor? That could explain the decrease in motor function and how my hands would suddenly begin to shake right when I was helping the crew out with the technology. But how would I be able to diagnose that on Mars?

And why have I been having the strangest craving for copper?


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