Hello my lovelies!

Wow, I never thought I could fail so bad! I think I lasted about 5-6 days of Camp NaNoWriMo before life caught up to me. The last few weeks have been hell with projects and finals and such. I’m sorry I again gave you only radio silence for several weeks in a row.

I would love to say it won’t happen again, but I still have one more semester left before I graduate nursing school and start my life as a real person in the real world so…it probably will happen at least twice more (finals at the end of this term and then again when I prepare for the NCLEX, or license exam).

Anyway, I can hope that I’ll again be regularly posting for at least a handful of weeks before classes get too rough to continue. I know I’ll be rather consistent during my break. I plan to, at least.

Thanks for putting up with flaky ol’ me!



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