Prompt for April 8: Two Haiku about Dreams


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Swirling mists of light
That caress my soul, take flight.
All that I hold dear.

These desires of mine
Are bittersweet at their core.
For they are not real.


Prompt for April 5: Four Line Poem about the Skeptic


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The greatest joy I’ve ever known
Is weaving spells of green and purple light
In front of the nonbeliever,
And watch as all his dreams take blissful flight.

Prompt from April 4: Four Lines of Prose about Something That is Shattered


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The hammer had weighed at least the same as me, the man wielding it putting twice the force behind the hunk of metal and wood. I could still feel the aftermath of the crash into my legs, mixed in with all the pain of splintered bone and crushed muscles.

They thought they could break me by taking away my legs, but these primitive Starrgyns don’t know of the power arms can generate. I bite my lip against the pain, struggle to sit up, and nock my arrow onto my bow.

Prompt for April 3: The Squeeze


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They were round, like small melons meshed perfectly to an hourglass. I could even see a hit of mocha rim peeping out of the lacy white shell she wore. Even the slightest step or turn from their host lead to a slight bounce or wiggle. So perfect, in every way.

In the end, I found myself lead away by the mall cops on freaking mopeds. But, seriously, who in their right mind could resist?

Prompt for April 2: The Mole


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Tremors worked their way from her sweaty palms to each of her slender fingers. No matter how she stood—arms crossed in front of her chest, hands gripping the sides of her skirt—she couldn’t shake the jitters that wrecked her body and mind.

But her purpose was more important than any fear she might be feeling. This small piece of knowledge she had at her disposal, this tiny tidbit of information she gleaned from all her years of eavesdropping practice as an anthropologist was nothing compared to the grand scheme of things.

And for the safety of her little boy somehow caught in the crossfires of the Lions and the Marauders, she would do anything.

Even betray her own by speaking with the Guard.