Prompt for March 13: The Memory Box


[Prompt from . I got a bit carried away with this one. Happy Friday the 13th!.]

The box was right there in front of me.

Finally, after years of searching, after losing any friend or loved one I had ever had in this “futile” search of mine. Dredd Charlie’s greatest treasure was right before me, right at my fingertips. The legend of what he hid away from the world in order to accomplish all his infamous deeds would finally be discovered. And by me, no less.

The box before me was constructed out of a dark wood, no larger in size than a ring box at the high-end merchant’s stand in the square. The top and sides were decorated in intricate carvings of stars and rosebuds, a merging of vines and light beams twirling and twining all along the edges. The box was nothing if not a work of art; I could only imagine the amount of money Dredd Charlie had to pay. And this was supposed to be prior to his string of robberies and conspiracies.

My hands were trembling as I approached. For a moment, I thought that finding the box was enough to satisfy my lifelong quest. But the knowledge of what was so precious to him was far too great to pass by. I slowly reached out my hand and opened the box.

A sudden burst of light caused me to step back as my mind was assaulted by image after image. There was a young girl with hair as red as fire. I saw her change from being a child to an adult; her face shifting from the roundness of youth to the angles and delicate curves of young adulthood. Freckles gradually walked across her cheeks. I saw her angry, sad, happy, and asleep. I saw her in the most ordinary and extraordinary situations one’s mind could imagine, ranging from conversations to meals to quite a few instances of lovemaking. Finally, I saw her nice rosy cheeks turn pale with spots of crimson marring the otherwise perfect skin. I saw those bright blue eyes dull and felt two stabs of pain right through my heart; mine at the sight of her and what I could only imagine as Dredd Charlie’s own despair.

This girl, the love of Dredd Charlie’s life, was what he chose to hide from the world. Somehow, at some moment in history, the death of his love caused him to become the greatest thief our world would ever know.


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