Prompt for March 12: Direction


[Prompt from . I swear I started this piece off with the prompt in mind. Somewhere along the line, something changed.]

The woman before me began to move, raising her arms out in front of her before bringing them to either side of her body. Right before my eyes, her arms seemed to become like water; each movement as they reached and pulled was gentle yet purposeful. I was nearly mesmerized by the creamy white motion but my mind was stuck twirling over questions upon question. Who was she? What was this strange woman doing? Why did she possibly think this dance of sorts would aid me? At the thought of my trials, my eyes briefly flashed towards the wooden blockade concealing the only clear path out of the forest.

Before me, the logs rose into the air one by one, as if pulled upward on a string. Each way the woman moved her arms, a subsequent log was pulled in that direction. My mind suddenly went blank except for one question I thought I would ask myself.

So the tales of the woodland fay Tirella spoke of were true?


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