Prompt for March 11: Two Haiku about the Bakery


[Prompt from .]

Scents waft through the door,
Calling my growling stomach.
This is temptation.

To wake up at 4
Is hard to do every day.
But someone must bake.


3 thoughts on “Prompt for March 11: Two Haiku about the Bakery

      • I’ve never written a haiku but I’ve written an entire rhymed novel about food and cookery which I’ve published in kindle. The title is: “The Lioness Pastry Cook an African Dream Tale” It’s mentioned with a link in the page of my bog titled “My Books”. I’ve also written a collection of food and cookery poems that I intend to publish in a few months in kindle too. Now that you have given me the idea of writing food Haiku I will definitely try. Oddly enough though I’m an illustrator a writer and a musician I don’t consider myself a real poet. Unlike all other arts poetry inspiration comes to me very rarely and sporadically. I think that one must have a poetic mind set to do it, something that somehow I’ve not managed to develop. Maybe food and cookery Haiku is the answer for me because I like shortness.

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