Prompt for February 17: The Burgler


[Prompt from .]

Robin Hood and Little John walked through the city, scouring the security, looking for their pray. Robin was a tall blonde with nothing criminal about her save the way her long legs looked in her high-wasted jean shorts. John was stout and rough skinned from working outside most of his life, so much so that he was closer in appearance to a potato than an actual man.

One look at the pair would cause many heads to cock in silent question. What these many heads didn’t understand was that Robin and John weren’t lovers—at least not in the typical use of the word. They were lovers of intrigue, of challenge. They loved planning and executing those brilliantly laid thoughts. But most of all, they loved to be philanthropic.

And what was more philanthropic than helping their poor little selves by stealing from those bad rich banks?


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