Prompt for February 9: Poison


[Prompt from . This excerpt is from Alchemic Maiden. Yay, we get to see these characters again!]

It was such a beautiful flower, I thought, gazing upon the dried small white bell-shaped petals lying on the course work table. I remembered when I used to weave the small stems into bracelets for me and my nurse when I was younger.

But I had outgrown the age of flower weaving, outgrown the innocence of my girlhood living in the palace. After everything I had been through, everything I’ve seen around my kingdom, I knew that there was a certain degree of harshness in everyone that would always find a way to leak out of the cracks of even the most perfected façade.

Chevalier was still outside the cottage door, keeping watch from a distance. It was still startling how much I trusted that tananarive after only knowing him—and his kind—for such a short period of time. As I began to tear off the petals and leaves from the stems, I wondered what he would think of my contingency plan. I knew he would do anything to save Syn, though he had repaid his blood dead tenfold. But I also know his history with Orane and why he escaped. Would this be an instance where the ends justified the means?

As I crushed dried petals and leaves to a fine powder, I again contemplated how far I had fallen.

Princess. Orphan. Fugitive. Thief.

And soon, if my plan didn’t unfold as I hoped, I would be adding “murderer” to the list.


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