Prompt for January 15: The Colony Part I


[Prompt from . This is going to be a part of a reoccuring prompt throughout the year (thus the “Part I”). New installments should occur once a month.]

I saw Robbie head towards the video room, about to do another video segment to all the viewers back on Earth. It was still hard to believe that I was on the same mission as Robbie Goldblume. Of all the luck—not that there were many other missions in space since the UN got together to fund this rather pricey trip to Mars.

I tried to ignore the urge to creep up behind him to check the coordinates again, accidentally getting myself caught on camera again. For a rather plump nerdy girl from the big city who had to pull every resource she could just to get into an interview for the space program, any one even slightly resembling a TV celebrity was enough to cause my salivary glands to kick into action. I had instantly fallen for Robbie the moment I saw the credits his show. Don’t you dare drool on the rocket’s technology, Demi! I shouted at myself. That stuff is worth more than your life! I patted my tight black ponytail, making sure there were none of those pesky flyaways that always found their way at odd angles on my head.

I noticed Eliza was looking at Robbie. I knew that she was only making sure he didn’t touch anything he wasn’t supposed to, having appointed herself as his glorified babysitter when we first heard the news that a random TV hotshot would fill the ninth seat on the mission. As passionate as she was about her work, I always thought Eliza could get a little too serious sometimes. All of us were completely ecstatic about being the first colony going to Mars and I personally felt that with all the fame that came with it—imagine, me famous!—should be allowed to break through the monotony of the mission every now and then.

I hadn’t realized I was still staring at her when she softly said, “Is there something you need from me, Demi?”

I shook my head. “Nope. Sorry. I got lost in thought again.”

My laugh was a little too high as I walked away to find something else to do. Something that wasn’t near Robbie Goldblume.


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