Prompt for January 13: The Slippery Slope


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He was fumbling for words, clumsier than he ever was with a football. It was as though his tongue was both made of sandpaper and taffy, alternatingly being too dry to talk and then unable to get the words right. Sarah Jacobie was still just standing there. Those midnight blue eyes were staring blankly at him, perfectly emotionless as she waited for him to speak.

“I was uh wondering if you um…”

This hands were moist and he tried to dispel the dampness by rubbing them briefly on his jeans. The butterflies flapping widely in this stomach wouldn’t listen to his silent commands of dissipation. As much as he wanted to take some deep breathes to calm himself, his heartbeats were too erratic. Harry could only imagine what his catchpenny proposal would work on someone like Sarah.

She blinked at him, one perfectly shaped bronze eyebrow lifting ever so slightly.

Harry blew down the stony walls that housed his courage and took the plunge.

“Will you go to the dance with me?”

Those blue eyes widened at him before a soft pink color spread across her cheeks. She nodded, her mouth twitching into a small smile, before he hastily turned and speed walked to the bathroom at the end of the hall. Sarah glanced at Harry, still rooted in his spot by the locker, before entering. There had been a large grin on her face before it disappeared into the mysterious rumor mill of the girl’s bathroom.

Harry slowly let out his breath as his head grew light from the excitement. That slope hadn’t been too slippery after all.


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