Farewell NaNo 2014


This month has been filled with more trials than I ever thought possible. Between nursing school, tests, clinicals, and family, it’s been a wonder I’ve actually gotten as far as I did. Sadly, I won’t win this year as there is no way I can go from 18,500 words to 50,000 between today and tomorrow.

But never fear! I plan on continuing to write Alchemic Maiden and hopefully finish that sometime next year. The last time I continued with a NaNo novel, I ended up finishing the first draft the following June. Granted, I actually won that year so I had less to write. I promise I’ll still upload random excerpts and the like.

Thank you followers for continuing to check my blog to see if anything new was uploaded. And to those who started following me during November, thanks! I am so sorry that I couldn’t hold up my end of the bargain.

Maybe next year when I’m done with nursing school and [hopefully] have a job, I’ll be able to write and finish a novel. This year has shown me that, while I’m still capable of working on a longer piece, my little daily writing prompts are no match for battling against the practicality of my chosen profession. Writing creatively is hard when you’re constantly faced with straight procedures and critical thinking development. I hope that continuing with Alchemic Maiden within this next year, maybe even revisiting other works, will keep my creativity flowing and make me more able to write next November.

I apologize for the long-winded post about a lot of trivial things. But I consider you my friends and I thought you might want to be informed.

Thanks again for following me and keeping up with my expanses of radio silence. Happy holiday season!



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