Prompt for November 11: The Omen


[Prompt from . Characters from a novel idea: Off to Sea.]

The waters were calm, drifting into the dock and back out towards the horizon. I couldn’t even find a trace of the larger waves that would come in large intervals, intervals too large for anything but a creature of the sea to notice. The sea was too calm.

“Well it looks like a marvelous day for a voyage. Would you say?” Captain Niall asked from his position behind the wheel.

Dommel laughed. “Indeed it does. But how did the sky look last night?”
Captain Niall smiled at him. “Red as a bleeding heart, she was.” He then started shouting commands to the sailors, instantly setting them into motion.

As much as I wanted to observe how these men made something as large as a wooden ship move from land to sea and into the right direction, how they could tell where they were going without landmarks or distinct rock formations, I was too concerned with the sea. The captain and Dommel thought the journey would be as dandy as a barnacle on a shallow rock, but they were wrong.

The sky wouldn’t churn the seas. But something was definitely coming and I had no idea what it could be.


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