Escape – Alchemic Maiden


[I’m finally caught up with my daily writing quota! Woo-hoo! Actually, I’m officially ahead by near a hundred words. Here’s a little excerpt that touches upon the plot. Enjoy!]

Candle light flickered off the stones. We collectively held our breath. An occasional rodent was expected to appear in the kitchens and, as long as we remained still and silent, our presence could be attributed to just that. But the light continued to approach until we saw a face illuminated in the darkness.

Wide green eyes and chestnut hair, pulled back behind him, and a small scar across his nose—the result of a long ago brawl with Arven—shown in the dancing yellow light. I heard Arven breathe a sigh of relief behind me but my heart only clenched tighter in my chest, the ice that was growing inside me had almost completely overtaken it.

Fage looked from the two of us, behind him, then back. He rushed towards us.

“What are you two doing here?” He whispered.

“Escaping,” Arven replied. “And you?”

“Fage!” Duke Loic called. “What’s there?”

I gripped Arven tighter. He didn’t know. By all that was holy, he didn’t know his trusted friend was conspiring with the duke to overthrow our family.

Fage took a few steps back until he was in front of the door. His eyes were shinnying in the candle light and he was frowning. Go, he mouthed at us.

“Nothing. Must have been a rat searching for food.” He left us without another word.

As I stared after him, Arven pulled me further into the kitchens, past the supply room, past the door where the shipments from the fields would arrive every morning. There was only one more door left to leave; the door that lead to a small path outside. And that path lead to two different directions. I knew he couldn’t be taking us to the front gate. That was sure to be teaming with guards who supported the duke, watching every person that left to make sure their silence would keep. The other option was walking close to the Great Hall.

Arven was taking me to the gardens.


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