First Chapter up on Wattpad!


Hello darlings,

I’m still going semi-strong with NaNo, even though I’m currently north of 500 words short of where I should be right now. But I had a test today, one that I didn’t do too great on. Anyway, I’m hoping to catch up if not in the next few days then definitely during the weekend.

I am now into writing the second chapter of the story. Like I promised, I published the entire first chapter on wattpad. Keep in mind that this is entirely unedited and may have spelling errors, grammatical errors, and even continuity errors. But I promised I would share this novel as I go.

To read the first chapter, please go to .

I hope you all enjoy it! And I apologize if it’s a rough read. I’m a little rusty at writing something so long and beginnings/exposition has never been a strong point of mine.




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