Beginning of Alchemic Maiden


[I told you all I’d post excerpts and keep you posted! Here’s the very beginning of Alchemic Maiden. I currently have 950 out of my daily 1,667 words written and the night is still young! Though I have a test to study for…]

The light of the bright morning sun was obscured by fringes of vanilla lace. I could still smell the soap in the fabric, proof that the dress was still clean even after weeks of letting it stand in my wardrobe. After the lace passed over my head, resting upon the top of my chest and shoulders, I could see my maid’s contemplative eyes passing over me. Her thin lips were drawn into an even thinner line, her hands tugging on my skirt here or adjusting the neckline there.

“It is brisk today, M’lady.” Paget said as she finished adjusting my pale blue cotton gown over my petticoats, making sure I looked presentable for Court. “I would take a cloak if you plan to stroll in the gardens.”

A stroll through the gardens on the first nice day of spring would parade me in front of the other ladies. Their whispers would only work to dampen the warm sun and blooming flowers.

“I may or may not stroll. But I thank you for your consideration of my comfort.”

Turning out of her still adjusting hands, I lifted my feet into my slippers one at a time before stepping out of my room and into the corridor.

Spring. At last I had more of the castle to myself. The good weather always brought more silence within the halls during the day. However, nights were filled with feats and banquets, putting me more on display. I took a deep breath and continued towards the Great Hall. There was already much activity within the corridors. Pages and maids, servants and guards, courtiers and their female companions were all walking around. I politely returned their bows, though I knew they were only done for the purpose of decorum. One must always show respect to royalty.

Even if said royalty wasn’t truly respected.


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