Prompt for October 2: Close but Not Quite


[Prompt from ]

It’s been said the sea and land fell in love at the beginning of time. It seemed they were meant for each other. But another entity was in love with the earth. The night loved her so much that all he could think about was her.

He decided to trick the sea into meeting him. The sea, never one to think poorly of another, agreed without hesitation. The night then captured the sea, chaining his waters to the moon. With the night in control of the one thing standing in his way, he was sure the land would finally fall for him.

But this was not so.

The land and the sea still fought for each other. The land grew out towards the sea’s cage. The barest of touch. Every day the sea struggles with his bonds, getting closer and closer to the land only to have the night pull him right back into his cage.

Reach out. Pulled back. Reach out. Pulled back.

Since that time, the sea has never ceased to fight.


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