Prompt for September 22: The Adjustment


[prompt from ]

“There, that should do the trick.”

Tenerbaum coiled the corrected wire back into the panel, shutting the metal protective plate after it and giving it one good pat with this hand.


He smiled at the little golden MM12 stationed before him. The Protector model. Now it could speak like a real friend.


Tenerbaum laughed. “Yeah, I’m good.”


“Content, Ray. I’m content.”


Tenerbaum could remember the red MM09, his first model. The firing mechanism had been a little itchy, misfiring every so often. But in war, when the models were always going off, a quivering trigger wasn’t so bad to have. At least he had a working model which was more than he could say for others in his regiment.

He never wanted the MM12. Too new, too shiny. What could it do that he couldn’t? All he needed was something that would shoot. Tenerbaum could do all the rest.

That was before the MM12 caught a stray shell out of the air and destroyed it before it could reach Tenerbaum’s back.

Now it was Ray and not the model number. When things get dirty, it takes a machine to clean it up. He never realized how true that statement would be.


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