Prompt for September 19: Someone or Something Out of Place


[prompt from ]

How dare he? How dare the little bitch confront me at work? Now all my coworkers think I’m a home wrecker.

I slammed the front door behind me, throwing my keys onto the kitchen counter as I made my way to the fridge for a much needed glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Something, anything, to dull the rage. If only I could stomach vodka.

It all was just so incredulous. He chose me, not her. Doesn’t mean she should get her panties in a twist. Crazy little bitch.

I took my full glass and headed towards the bathroom. A bubble bath would surely calm me down. I passed the magnetic strip that holds my five knives.


I took a slow step backwards and counted again. Only five. The thick knife was missing.

That’s when I heard a giggle and the start of the shower.


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