Prompt for September 18: The Captain


[prompt from . Characters from a novel idea: Off to Sea.]

There was a man standing at the entrance to the ship. His back was to us, his hands fisted and resting on his hips. I could hear even from the dock that he was shouting loudly at the others.

“Well if it isn’t the old scallywag himself,” Dommel called.

The man in front of us turned. His skin was darker than Dommel’s—darker than most other humans I’d seen. He had dark brown hair with streaks of grey that was mostly tied back in a bright red scarf. He smiled widely. His nose was larger than Dommels.

“Dommel? Is that you?”

Dommel took a few steps ahead of me, throwing his arms out at his sides. “The one and only.”

“Nonsense! I knew a rascal of a kid, not a distinguished member of society. This must all be a ploy.”

Dommel laughed. “Yes. A ploy to get to your vast expanses of money.”

The man’s smile grew. “Could you lead me to this vast expanse of money? I must have misplaced it.”

Both of them stood there laughing. Standing there, watching their exchange, I again felt as small as grain of sand. Did every human feel this way when put to the side or was this only a siren feeling? My insides turned as I thought of Kyrielle and how she would be able to answer all my questions.


I jerked out of my thoughts to find Dommel offering me his hand.

He gestured to the man. “Ariece, this is the commendable Captain Niall. He and his crew will take us across the ocean and, hopefully find your family.” He then turned to man. “And this is the lovely lady Ariece. I told you about her in my letter.”

Captain Niall took hold of his chin in one of his large hands. “That I do, lad.”

He bounded off the ship to stand in front of us. I could see now that there were wrinkles around his mouth and his brown eyes. Even in his crisp cream shirt and light brown pants, he looked weathered, like an old piece of bark or the leather Mrs. Galleter showed me at the inn.

He looked straight into my eyes, his smile fading. “I am sorry for your ordeal, Miss. I and my crew are at your service.” Then brightness returned to his face. “Come aboard! Let me show you my ship.”


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