Prompt for September 16: The Robbery


[prompt from . I tried writing in a new genre with this one.]

Pillows on desk. Pull up top sheet. Fold over blanket. Pull up comforter.

Every morning was the same for Cenith. She knew she could just let one of the androids make her bed every morning, but no. Making your own bed proved you could still do things yourself. The issue with the youth of today was that no one wanted to do anything for themselves; they just let their androids do it.


She reached for her pillows and started placing them at the head of the bed. She turned to grab the throw pillows when a small spot of red caught her eye. There, between her pillow and pillow case, was a little red sticker. With shaking hands, she reached inside to retrieve it.

It felt like a black hold had formed within her, swallowing her stomach, heart, liver, anything in its wake. In white print, the sticker read:


She could feel faint traces of nausea streaming back from the black hole. The Recovery Team had been investigating her? How? Why? What’s worse, they found something they didn’t like. Some bit of knowledge, a memory or two; it could have been anything, really. She tried to wrack her brain for what from her quiet, backwards life could have interested the Empire.

But she knew she wouldn’t find any trace in her brain. Now, the Recovery Team had stolen whatever it was in the middle of the night, like the common dirty thieves they all were.


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