Prompt for September 9: The Roadblock


[prompt from ]

The snow was blurring past the windshield. The wipers were on their highest setting yet snowflakes still gathered in between swipes. His hands were vices around the steering wheel, his eyes never leaving the ivory snow road before him.

It was hard for Prosper to believe that all of this was happening because he didn’t want to marry her just yet. Every man wanted to provide for his wife and, until the band signed their first record deal, he just wouldn’t be able to take care of Gennifer like he should.

“Stupid, stupid,” he muttered under his breath.
Why the cabin? It was late January for Christ’s sake. He could still remember the desperation in her voice when she called him.

I just love you so much. I can’t live without you. Don’t make me leave.

The speedometer was pushing 70 but Prosper felt like he was only inching up the curling mountain road.
A flash of brown caught his attention. A massive pine tree came down right on the road. Prosper served the truck, managing to slam his side panel into the bark at the edge of the road.

“Fuck!” He slammed his fists down on the steering wheel. Prosper crawled out of the passenger door, throwing himself into the blizzard. One look at the man-sized truck told him there was no moving the pine. Not by himself.

Prosper hoped Gennifer wouldn’t do anything to herself before morning could bring a few extra set of hands.


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