Prompt for August 26: Droplets


[prompt from . Characters and story from one of my novel ideas]

The amber colored sky reflected off the leaves, tinting the green gold in the fading autumn light. The calm before the storm, it was so beautiful in its short-lived serenity. Its fragility was the true treasure.

Just like life.

I remembered a time when I feared the frail quality life had. After seeing so much life fade away, washed in blood and evaporate like dew on leaves before my very eyes, I dreaded how short life could be. Fate was cruel in this singular way, giving us the ultimate gift and then taking it away before we fully grew to appreciate what we had and experience it all to the fullest.

From the other side of the clearing, I saw the approaching accumulation of light; my father’s army. I saw the life of the Renterrans shining through the trees. From my distance, I couldn’t tell which would survive the day and which had reached the end of their time.

The first drop of rain landed on the bridge of my nose. It slowly ran down and landed in my left eye. Fate’s assurance that my gift, my plague for most of my life, was given to me for a reason. It was in Her plan all along that I would aid Candra and betray Renterra. And just in case I started to doubt Her plan again, another drop fell into my right eye.

The light of Renterran lives grew closer as more and more water droplets began to fall around me. If only it was just rain that would fall this day.


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