Prompt for August 15: Something or Someone Explosive


[prompt from . Characters and plot are from a novel series idea: Hand of Fate]

As I looked into the sneer of the man my friends despised, all I could think of was the slack, opened-mouthed expression Cris wore as his life force was taken from him. I felt heat radiate from my stomach, down my arms and into my hands. The small dark hairs on my skin stood up on end.

“And now I will do to you what I did to the renowned warrior of Candra; the one who couldn’t be beaten and yet fell so easily.”

Adrian lifted his arm in my direction. I could feel rather than see him reaching deep within himself to activate his gift.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to him, however. The heat tingling my palms turned from the barest brush of a sunburn to the scorching rage of a rocket’s blast. I commanded the clouds to form above me, begging them to turn the deepest shade of grey.

Just like Cris taught me, I thought of a warm blanket wrapping itself around me, shielding me from Adrian’s power. My barrier, Ignatius’ famed gift, would protect me from him. All I needed to worry about was revenge.

“Say goodbye to your precious Candra.”

The heat at the tips of my fingers flared as lightning began to rein down upon that horrid Renterran king. For the first time, I used my gift to inflict pain on another person. The shock on Adrian’s face as the first bolt hit him square in the chest, right where Evander’s arrow had struck Cris, weakening him, was deliciously sweet. I knew what electricity could do to a person. Hell, I’d even smelled the singed fur off a cat that found its way too close to a tree in a storm.

But then I thought back to all the stories I’d heard about what Renterrans did to Candrians during the war. I remembered the tears contorting Todd’s typical smiling face after he heard of the death of his fiancée. I remembered seeing Corvinous fling himself in front of nocked bows after he kissed Lupe’s still lips one last time.

I thought of Vitus and how he was raised, never knowing an ounce of love from the man standing frozen before me. How a man could treat his own son in such a way…no one like that deserved any kind of mercy.

I kept Cris’ face in my mind as I commanded another bolt of lightning to strike Adrain, this time in his back. He arched in such a way, almost resembling like the crooked trees in the courtyard outside the Candrian palace. His teeth were clenched together, his eyes seemingly welded shut. I smiled and let loose another bolt from the clouds above. Again and again I struck him, even after he could no longer stand. His jolting body amused me. I giggled, first slowly, then louder.

By the time his body was black and charred, I was laughing uncontrollably. Inconsolably.


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