The wind is a’blowing

The sun is setting

The ship reaches shore

But I march on


In the chilly air, I’m shakin’

In my empty cot, I cannot sleep

The darkness is creeping in

But I march on


The rain is pouring on me

The lightening shatters my soul

The thunder keeps me down to Earth

But I march on


I hear a banshee’s screech

My comrades fall to sleep around me

My friends stand in front of golden gates

But I march on


I carry shining death in my hands

Its weight growing with each step

Its victims increasing with each day

But I march on


I see faces in my dreams

Their skin stained a crimson red

Their faces twisted in frozen pain

But I march on


My feet are aching

My heart is drowning in its tears

But my eyes are too tired to cry

And still I march on


Love, I’m scared to death

In constant worry of breathing my last breath

Your face is my only incentive

And so I march on


As the day grows dark and still

Remember you soldier is out there

Thinking of you and your precious freedom

And ‘til the day comes when I will see your face

I will forever march on


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