Opening: Ladies of the Wood


[The following is a potential novel opening. Would you keep reading?]

The slender anemic trees spoke of the death floating around the forest, with mossy green dresses trying to clothe the volcanic rock beneath the surface, and blood red maple leaves adorned the uneven earth, masking any shred of a path that once existed. Everywhere, evergreen needles punctured the sky, their smell permeating the air. Longstalk holly, Mongolian oak, Fuji cherry, and andromeda trees remained forever at discord as their broad leaves fought for the smallest beam of sunlight; their roots propping them off the ground as if preparing for a hasty crawl out of the impenetrable silence…

Impenetrable save the fain and long forgotten shrieks and moans that emanated from the trees.  From one crooked hemlock fir, a fraying noose still hung low. Half burned cigarettes and misshapen umbrellas form a circle around a cypress’s trunk. Crumpled cans and broken glasses were the only grave markers, with small strips of white ribbon acting as lasting bouquets from those who remembered the forgotten. A sign: Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Please think about your parents, siblings and children. Don’t keep it to yourself. Talk about your troubles. Snaggletooth caves dot the forest, inhaling the bright world, illuminating the underworld for a brief moment, before exhaling out darkness to feed the spirits. 


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