Prompt for March 27: Defiance


[prompt from, characters and story from a novel idea I have]

He twisted his head to the side, spitting out a mouthful of blood. “No.”

The king again punched him. “I told you to yield.”

Val’s grimace morphed into a smirk. If the king wanted to cause him pain, what better way to go against him than reveling in it? He had experienced more pain and misery in his lifetime than the king could ever fathom. He was used to the dull ache in his chest, the swirling hopelessness crushing his insides.

He emptied his mouth of more blood. The king wanted to break him in front of his court? The least Val could do was dirty his floor.

“I have told you, I shall not,” he spoke, his voice low and even. “I was only obeying the prince’s orders to leave him to the kill. As his right hand, it was my sworn duty to do so. It was not my fault the man managed to kill him instead. It was yours for sending him on a fool’s mission.”

Anger flared behind the king’s brown eyes like the flames dancing around the pile of woods the night before a battle. His jaw even betrayed the barest of a tremble. “How dare you imply such a thing? He was my son, the heir to the throne.”

“Yes,” Val responded, “and now he’s dead. You killed him.”

Every other guard in court took a step towards Val, all with the intension of striking down the man offending their king. The king, however, needed to assistance. Blow after blow, he took out his rage and sorrow on Val. Blow after blow, Val remained standing. His blue eyes never left the king’s. 


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