Prompt for March 25: The Copycat


[prompt from]

I blinked and it blinked.

The strange little creature, bearing only one bloodshot eye, stared straight at me. Its hair stuck up straight in certain places, the grey strands appearing to be rods conducting electricity from the center of the earth to the sky. Its skin was ashen, with boils and blisters marring what could have once been pristine marble. The look it gave me was one of fear.

How could this hideous creature be afraid? What on earth could possibly overpower what I saw before my eyes?

I began to smell something rancid and immediately grabbed my nose to fend off the stench. The creature grabbed its nose with a clawed hand, the finger tips blackened and cracked. There was even one missing.

Was it smelling the burnt flesh, too? Maybe its smell offended it as well. It sure was offending me.

I bent down and threw up greenish yellow slime, pretending I wasn’t seeing pieces of food in the mess. When I stood up and searched for the creature, praying it hadn’t decided to attack me in my vulnerable state, I realized it, too, had retched. There was droplets of green and yellow covering the twisted mouth. I felt wetness on my own lips and tried to wipe it away. The creature followed suit.

Strange how it mimicked everything I was doing, down the very sickness I felt swirling again in my stomach.

I reached up to pull my hair into a ponytail, a habit I formed from experience at college parties with alcohol and long hair, when I felt bumps and wrinkles instead of hair on my head. When I saw the creature’s clawed hand freeze while touching its scalp and saw its eyes widen at the same moment I felt my own do the same, every organ inside me dropped.

I slowly pulled my hand in front of my face. My fingertips were blackened and cracked. One was even missing.

The creature, with all its horrifying disfigurements, was me. 


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